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Organisations in Lekhnath

Cycle City Lekhnath

Cycle City Lekhnath Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal Lekhnath is known as the garden city of 7 Lakes. It has the potentiality for tourism development. Every efforts made continued for the tourism development of Lekhnath have not been able to achieve the success yet. Unity is the one and only thing that must be required to get the success even each have been making …

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Shree Amarsiddha Namuna Higher Secondary School

Shree Amarsiddha Namuna Higher Secondary School Lekhnath 11, Pachabhaiya, Kaski, Nepal Website: Email: Shree Amarsiddha Namuna Higher Secondary School was established in 2012B.S. Situated in very natural and peaceful environment of ward number 11, Pragyabhumi, Pachabhaiya of Lekhnath Municipality in Kaski district has run its classes upto 10+2. This school has been able to make itself stand as one of the best public …

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Lekhnath Bird Watching and Eco Tourism Society

Lekhnath Bird Watching and Eco Tourism Society Lekhnath Municipality Kaski, Nepal Website: Its a team of young and active guys around Lekhnath set for bird watching found in Lekhnath. Lekhnath has seven lakes where we can see biodiversity. Different birds and animals are seen here. Different journeys are made to see birds here. welcomes you all to have …

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Lekhnath Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation User Committee

Lekhnath Small Town Water Supply & Sanitation User Committee Lekhnath-12, Khudi, Dhungepatan Tel: +977 061 561295, Fax: +977 061 560451, Email :

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Metro Development Bank Limited Inaugurates Lekhnath Branch

Metro Development Bank Limited Inaugurates Lekhnath Branch Inauguration of Metro Development Bank Limited Lekhnath Branch Location: Lekhnath- 7, Talchowk Date: 2072 Jestha 25, Monday

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Nepal Telecom Lekhnath

Nepal Telecom Lekhnath Location: Lekhnath-07, Talchowk Phone:

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Fisheries Research Station, Pokhara

Fisheries Research Station, Pokhara situated in Begnas Lake Introduction Established in 1962 as “Lake Development Centre” which was changed the name as Fisheries Development Centre in late 1960s. In 1975 an “Integrated Fishery and Fish Culture Development Project (FEP/73/25)” was implemented under FAO/UNDP cooperation. Later recognized as “Fisheries Research Centre” with the name of “Agriculutre Research Station (Fisheries), Pokhara in …

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NEA Lekhnath Ditribution Centre

Nepal Electricity Authority, Lekhnath Distribution Centre “Save electricity, reduce bill amount.” Replace CFL bulbs instead of normal bulbs. Phone Numbers: No- Light: 061-560501 Revenue Section: 061-561001 ——————————————————————————————————————– मिटर रिडिङ भएको मितिबाट ६० औं दिन सम्म पनि महसुल नबुझाएमाकुनै पनि समयमा विना सूचना लाइन काटिने भएकोले समयमा विद्युत महशुलबुझाई अनावश्यक जरिवाना तथा प्रशासनिक झन्झटबाट बचौ। विद्युत बचाऔं, विल रकम घटाऔं साधारण …

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Adarsha Youth Club

Adarsha Youth Club Lakhnath-1, Sainik Basti President: Laxman Bhandari Website Email   Adarsha Youth Club is very active youth club which is actively organizing different Social and youth activities. The club has organised different programs focusing games and sports for the betterment of the youth, women, children. More information will be updated…

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Begnas Youth Club

 Begnas Youth Club Information Centre Phone No.: 061-560365 President: Madan Koirala (2015) Vice President: Bikash Lamichhane This club has been supported by the youths from Begnastaal and has been active in carrying out different activities around Begnas Lake. Blood Donation programme, Cleanliness programme and participations while different programmes in Begnas Lake like Begnas Fish Festival and other programmes done by the …

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