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Hike to Gosainkunda

Hike to Gosainkunda

1 Setting Sun as seen from Gosainkunda

Setting Sun as seen from Gosainkunda

As they said “Respond to every call that excites your Spirit”. Six people, four days. Goodly hills were already welcoming us with smile in their eyes while we were on course to Dhunche.  Tiredness we felt during jumpy bus ride went hiding somewhere when we saw red rhododendron filing the hillside with its charm.

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Ramche Bazar

 A quick call to start the hike from Dhunche resulted walk of 5 hours in lofty trails. Walk on those trails was hard nevertheless seeing Deers roaming around freely made us forget leg pains we were having. We called it a night when we reached Dhimsa at 7:30 pm. Night was surprisingly cozy with oven to warm our hands and place to rest our physically tired body. Potatoes were delicious there. After taking a good rest we continued our hike to Gosaikunda at 6:30 am. A day long hike welcomed us with snow covered steep slopes . Hiking in those snowy trails were never an easy since you would go down upto your knees while walking, it was amusing though. Drinking typical mountain tea with yak butter energized our hiking spirits. Thanks to warm hearted dai, working in Cheese factory, Chandanbari. We would meet trekkers returning with happiness in their eyes excitement in their words of seeing the beauty of frozen lake,the frozen trail.

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Monastery en route to Gosaikunda; Lauri BInayak

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Small kundas in the laps of snow clad mountain

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Kundas seen in the way to Gosaikunda

Houses and Stupas were rare only to be seen after a long walk, where we would stop for a while, catch our breath and walk on. After continuing trail with just  your leg to fit in width, life threating view down the trail, small frozen kundas resting in the snow clad mountain gives you hint that you are about to reach Gosaikunda. Sun was showing its beauty one last time for that day when we reached there at 6:30 pm. The mesmerizing view of setting sun, snow covered lake and snow clad hills gave the look of a heavenly land.

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Happy Trails

Hike to Gosainkunda (4)

Final affairs ; Gosaikunda

Hike to Gosainkunda (5)

Foggy Feel; Gosaikunda

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Gosaikunda temple

Hike to Gosainkunda (6)

Frozen Lake; Gosaikunda

Hike to Gosainkunda (14)

Skate time !!!

Hike to Gosainkunda (13)


Hike to Gosainkunda (9)


It was a place that makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are. Nights was freezing cold but we had place to rest our breath, warm our hands and  foods in our belly.  We were playing with snow, in  the kundas before sun decided to came up. Temples and monuments were all covered with snow giving us peek a boo view. After spending few hours playing, taking pictures, witnessing the ultimate beauty, feeling the thrill of walking in those snow covered lakes we were on our way back to Dhunche. While returning we followed the same trail we came up. Gosaikunda – Lauri Binayak – Cholongpati – Chandanbari – Dhimsa- Deurali- Dhunche. We tasted Yak cheese in Chandanbari while returning.

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With Locals

 You get a strange feel when you leave that place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love, but you miss the person you were at that time and place because you’ll never be that way ever again. After walking for like 10 hrs downhill from Gosaikunda to Dhunche we were able to rest our restless legs, eyes that were filled with joy and heart filled with stories to tell. Next morning we were on our way back to Kathmandu with same jumpy bus ride but this time with excitement of trek turned into smiles in our lips, stories to tell in our hearts and leaving a little piece of ourselves behind in all those we met along the way.

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We Hikers with Locals

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Rishav Adhikari

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