Nine international flights land at TIA Friday

Nine international flights land at TIA Friday

Nine international flights land at TIA Friday

An aircraft of Qatar Airways takes off from TIA. (File photo/RSS)

KATHMANDU: As many as nine international flights are scheduled to land at Tribhuvan Internation Airport Friday.

Though regular international flights to Nepal have suspended since Thursday midnight, international Nepali flights are returning from several destinations.

Three planes that left for various destinations Thursday night are to return to Kathmandu Friday. Another plane is coming from India, according to a two-flight weekly schedule. In addition, two cargo planes are also to land at TIA today.

As per TIA flight schedule, planes of Himalayan Airlines aircraft from Damman of Saudi Arabia and Nepal Airlines from Doha, Qatar, and Air India have landed at TIA Friday afternoon.

Likewise, two cargo flights of Cathy Pacific from Hong Kong are to touch down at TIA later Friday and return immediately. Meanwhile, a Himalayan Airlines plane is scheduled to fly to Kumning, China, Friday to bring medical supplies.

As for domestic movement is concerned, chartered helicopter flights are taking place and as many as 23 choppers left Kathmandu Thursday. Of them, 18 have returned by Friday. The Nepali Army conducted 3 chopper flights Friday.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the airport will not be closed due to the regularity of chartered, medical emergency, and rescue flights.

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